Holding an event? Sporting carnival, seminar, brunch, wedding reception or even hosting a wake? When many cups of tea or coffee will be required, hiring a reliable, large-capacity hot water urn or 100-cup coffee perculator is a good way to go.

At Absolute Party Hire, we have a large range of catering equipment for hire, including hot water urns in a range of sizes from 10 litres to 25 litres, blenders, food warmers, gas burners and gas bottles, as well as electric hot plates, deep fryers and turbo ovens. We can also provide specialist catering equipment such as pie warmers and holding ovens, chafing dishes (with trays and burners) and bain maries in both 4 and 6-pot sizes.

We have small and large ice tubs for hire, as well as gas BBQs. Our coffee perculators come in 30 and 100-cup sizes.

Please browse through our catering equipment listings and let us know if there’s something in particular that you need.