Looking to hire a dance floor or flooring? We can supply a range of flooring options to suit your needs. The dance floor is the heart of most social events, and we can supply plywood dance floors for either outdoor dance flooring or an indoor dance floor.

We also offer carpet flooring in black or charcoal, and pro flooring if that better suits your requirements.

If your event requires an additional touch of glamour you can roll out the red carpet for your guests or award winners using our six-metre or nine-metre red carpets. Of course, this is also perfect for brides to walk down, especially if you are planning a garden wedding or wedding on a beach. A red carpet helps to create the space and adds a more magical feel to the day, as well as providing a focal point for guests to gather around while they wait for the bridal party to arrive.

We can also supply synthetic grass for indoor or outdoor events.

Feel free to call if you have questions about dance floors and hiring the right flooring for your event.